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Photographic Training Courses


Date: 21/11/08 & 22/11/08

Venue: Cork

Price: €350 per workhop

Liam Ramsell is proud to announce that he has secured the services of the photographer Frank Doorhof to run
two workshops in Ireland in November 2008.

Frank Doorhof is a Dutch Photographer who in the Netherlands teaches workshops to both starting and advanced photographers.
His views on light use and the way to work in the studio and on location are refreshing and will give you a totally new look on your material.
Frank Doorhof is known for his direct approach in his workshops.
There is no standard procedure which can be copied to use as your own, Frank teaches you to see the light and to use the light.
This means that you will learn to use light in ways you never thought of and it will give you new ways of photographing your models.

You will learn :
working with flash, natural, ambiant, mix lights / posing your model / calibrating and using your meter / working in different scenes
workflow / communication and planning the session and much much more.  


In this workshop Frank will explain light setups from simple strobes to mixing them with ambient light.
Techniques like dragging the shutter and shooting day to night will be an item on the workshop.

Also working with the models (coaching) and finding the creativity to keep on shooting will be part of this dynamic workshop.
During the workshop Frank will custom build the workshop depending on the questions.

This is a portfolio Workshop, which will enable you to shoot images to create or expand your portfolio, simply for your own achievements, or for any PR purpose’s

How to book?

Firstly, contact Liam Ramsell at liamramsell@irisheyes.ie to confirm if places are still available. If there are, then you will be asked to fill in the booking form.

Please note this deposit is non refundable unless the Workshop has to be cancelled for any reason.

All of the above is correct at time of release, this may change and notification given if possible.

For more information, please contact