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Guy Gowan

Date: Sunday 14th December

FEE: €80.00

Venue: Cork

Liam Ramsell of WWW.IRISHEYES.IE (in association with Stream Solutions (www.stream.ie) Apple Resellers in Cork and etntworld) is proud to announce that he has acquired the services of the world renowned Guy Gowan to come to Cork on 13th & 14th December to run his last set of Seminars this year in Ireland. These are being held in the five star Hayfield Manor Hotel (www.hayfieldmanor.ie)

For more information on these seminars, booking forms, availability of spaces and other information please contact Liam at

LiamRamsell@Irisheyes.ie and visit WWW.IRISHEYES.IE


Sunday 14th, Retouching Workflow – Presented by Guy Gowan , etntworld

Guy will run a full day seminar demonstrating his Retouching Workflow in Photoshop.
Whether you are a version 7.0 user or have the latest CS4. This methodology will work across all the different versions of Photoshop. Starting with the raw file, Guy will amaze you with the speed at which you can work and more importantly the quality you can produce from your raw files.

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most mature software applications in the image manipulation arena. It has gone through many upgrades providing enhancements and improvements. It is the preferred tool for anyone wishing to manipulate or retouch images.

But there is one small problem... In the pursuit of faster image processing, software developers create more and more 'Auto' buttons. As a result retouching skills and theory have been somewhat lost in this evolutionary process.

This means that Photoshop users can use the program for years and still not be understanding of the theory of what is actually happening. The best way to work in any environment is be intuitive with the tools, most photoshop users know the programme but don't know the theory. This day seminar will put the theory into our working practices to give the attendees a clear understanding of what is achievable...

What this seminar will deliver is an understanding of you we can radically improve everything you do with Photoshop, but most importantly retouch in a truly intuitive manner. Knowing what you do will work rather than doing it to see is the holy grail, i this seminar you will get it...

10:00 - 11:15
Retouching Workflow Basics 1
Here we will revisit some of the basic practises for image manipulation, this will serve to give a greater sense of control and accuracy. The areas in question will be - Range, Contrast, colour temperature. Shoot your images for the 'end game', understanding what is achievable on the computer can save hours of needless adjustment of the camera at the time of the shoot.

11:45 - 13:00
Retouching Workflow Basics 2
Colour Correction and Sharpening are the next adjustments to examine. Lots of theory here but in the end, you will have a new understand of what 'high end' retouching is and what image quality can actually be.

14:00 - 15:15
Building and Automating
Here we will be taking the attributes from the previous sessions and compiling a workflow Action to perform automated retouching. Then we will create additional actions to create variation to the initial retouch script to cater for image differences. The final step will be to create a 'Droplet' to perform retouching on multiple images in a true automated sequence.


15:45 - 17:00
Monochromatic Conversion
Converting from colour to mono is still by most regarded as a black art rather than an accurate intuitive process that it can be. By breaking down the process into understandable areas you will see how the best Mono images can be created in seconds.

The price for this seminar is €80.

Who Should Attend?

Both seminars are aimed at photographers who are shooting large quantities of digital
images, especially in the RAW format. If selecting from these large quantities of photos, sorting and backing up are issues that concern you, then this seminar will offer you a solution that allows you to be more productive. Whether you’re a fashion, wedding, sport, portrait, fine art, commercial or editorial photographer, this seminar is for you.

What You Will Learn

Discover how Apple delivers a platform that is solid and secure, and how Aperture enables you to deliver your best work on deadline.

Discover how Guy’s retouching workflow is a non-destructive image processing methodology that allows you to be more creative and productive, essentially, saving you time in the process.







Guy Gowan has been working with digital images since scanning devices were first connected to hard drives. He has worked, talked and consulted in the photographic, design and print industries -an environment where working at speed to the highest quality is paramount.

Since the event of professional digital photography, Guy has demonstrated and taught these principles to a worldwide audience of professional photographers working with
Adobe Systems and Apple computers.